All new and recent DOM fulltime staff are invited to join this program.  The intention is career promotion especially in research, but also to promote wellness and sponsorship.  Dr. Alexander Sorisky is the director of the DOM Mentorship Program


Are you an experienced full time staff who wants to give back?  Do you already have informal chats with many others who seek your listening ear?   You may be an ideal mentor.  Contact us for opportunities to become a part of our team.

One of the gratifying outcomes of EPIC Implementation has been to see how DOM members have pulled together to help each other. I know that this type of peer support is happening all over the hospital all the time, not just during EPIC. Whether it’s a quick coffee chat about career advice, making time to hear out a friend in need or just spending time together, this kind of informal mutual support is what makes our department great. We want to recognize you for your efforts so for the month of October we are launching The DOM Coffee Chat Challenge.


Anytime a DOM member wishes to have a coffee chat with a colleague for support, advice or encouragement (even if not in DOM), we will give you a $10 Tim Hortons card. These cards are available from our new wellness champions at the following locations:


General CampusTracy SerafiniRoom M1846Ext. 78765

Civic CampusLara BajarRoom D103Ext. 13056

Riverside CampusLesli RansomeRoom 5-60Ext. 82509


All you have to do is drop by one of these champions offices, leave your name and division and pick up your card. Each DOM member can get one card at a time, and there are NO CARD LIMITS! DOM formal mentors, physicians, residents, fellows and support staff are ALL welcome to participate. The most active division (include our residency program) will get a prize in November! Let’s do this!


DOM Coffee Chat Challenge
Get the DOM Mentor Guide for mentors and mentees.

Our  official guide to the DOM Mentorship Program


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