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Department of Medicine

The Ottawa Hospital

501 Smyth Road

Ottawa Ontario

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"Wellness is the fount from which we drink life." 

Physician Wellness and Support
what does the sapling mean to you?

Watering the sapling.

Mentorship and Promotion

Staking the sapling to help it grow

Gender and Equity

Removing weeds to allow growth

Cont. Profess. Development

Feeding the sapling


What else can help a sapling grow?

You're In Our Care!

You are a valued part of this Department.  You were hired because we believe in you.  Your success is our success and we are here to provide you with the support and tools to be the best that you can be.  Professional life can be challenging, but you are in our care!

Mobile Massage at DOM

The Department of Medicine is launching a pilot project to offer Physician and Support Staff the opportunity to have personal massage appointments within the workplace. We have arranged for a Registered Massage Therapist (RMT) to come to the General Campus on October 9, November 13 and December 12. All appointments must be pre-booked through the online booking system. Appointments will take place in the Admin U office within the DOM Suite. Payment must be made at the time of appointment and receipts for insurance claims will be sent via email following your appointment.


Please note, support staff who are interested in taking part in this program are required to request the time away from the office in advance, as with other personal/medical appointments. Appointment time is not considered part of your working day, and arrangements must be made to make up time or use your 30 minute lunch break to account for the time away.


To book your appointment, click on the link below:


How well are you right now? Take the Survey

The TOH Wellness Survey is Here.  Find out how you score (PDF) and compare your results with TOH

Contact the TOH Wellness Program

Phone:  Ext 13421

Email:  WellnessProgram@toh.ca

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